Thursday, April 23, 2015

Final Image for Back of Card Design

So here's the image for the back of the cards!


So the card game finally has an official name: Vivisection. Vivisection refers to an exploratory surgery on a living organism. This name reflects the direct, perhaps somewhat brutal method of developing intimacy quickly, by cutting right to the heart of people's stories and pasts. Images coming soon!

New Stuff! Box Design

We have a new development in box design: the box for the game will be laser cut with different intricate scenes, and the players can place their smartphone with the flashlight on into the box to instantly create dramatic, intimate mood lighting. Preview coming soon!

Friday, March 13, 2015

First Test Print!

I did a test print of about 100 cards just to see what the finish and size and all that good stuff would look like in the real world. It's looking great so far! This is not the finished design of course, and the final deck will have two versions, a regular and an adult version, with the questions in red to differentiate.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Initial Sketches for Back of Card Design

Anne Giese sketched up these initial brainstormy concepts for the back of the cards! The design is going to be a play on the traditional basket weave pattern found on the back of playing cards with an Aubrey Beardsley influence.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Accelerated Intimacy: An Intro

This project is a card game consisting of 4” x 6” cards, a card stock box, and possibly a booth that unfolds from a carrying case, both made of cardboard. This game is loosely related to the concept of middle-school slumber party games like Truth or Dare. Meant to be played by two people, in a private setting, the game is played by each person in turn drawing a card and answering the question on the card­­­.

The point of this game is to provide a vehicle for two people to quickly become intimate with one another. In my interactions with people, I stumbled across a fascinating phenomenon. I am a candid, open person who readily divulges all kinds of gory details about myself and my life. I find often that in revealing intimate details about myself, other people sometimes feel compelled to also share intimate details about themselves. Journalists use this technique with interview subjects in order to quickly get the information they need, and refer to it as accelerated intimacy.

This project uses digital technology in both design and fabrication: the illustrations are created by hand and then developed digitally, and the cards will be cut with the laser cutter to save time and ensure preciseness. If a booth and additional components are included, those will also be made using the laser cutter.  Aesthetically, the card game and its components are influenced by the work of Aubrey Beardsley. The back of the cards will feature a playful take on the basket weave pattern generally found on playing cards, but in a graphic Beardsley style. The front of the cards and the other materials will feature illustrations similarly designed:  especially with the addition of the booth, there is a bit of an art deco movie theater aesthetic which is very evident in Beardsley’s work, and I think would lend a classic sophistication to the look of the whole set.

Updates about the project will be here!